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Strike Plate Mounting Magic

When I had to install a bunch of magnetic catches recently, I came up with this simple method to mark the doors for the strike plate. It requires no measuring and the results are neat and clean.

Just insert the mounting screw in the plate and attach it to the magnet. Then press the door firmly against the screw so the tip leaves a

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Carving Safety Gear
Power carving gets messy fast. There are chips and dust flying everywhere. Plus, you have the vibration of the angle grinder that you could be holding for hours. Oh, and let’s not forget the sound of the grinder. There is quite a bit of safety gear t
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Wipe-On/Rub-Off Finishing
No brush marks, drips, runs, bubbles, hairs, dust or orange peel—and beautiful results every time. For most furniture projects, it doesn’t get easier than using a wipeon/rub-off finishing process. This two-step method eliminates all the usual problem
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Using T-Track
T-track is a versatile product that has many great uses around the shop. It can be attached to the fence of a chop saw, drill press or router table to provide a quick, secure place to attach feather boards, stops and hold-downs. It also makes a great