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SINGLE Suits me
‘Ican’t believe someone as great as you is still single!’ It’s a comment I’ve heard plenty of times. There might even be circumstances when I’ve said it myself to other women. It’s meant well, and usually gets said in the middle of a discussion about
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AFTER DARK atmosphere
Extend your time outdoors by focusing on the patio or terrace area first. Festoon lights are an easy way to illuminate a large area and create a lovely ambience after dusk. Secure lights to a fixed point, such as a high wall or fence, then drape from
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How Really You Lose Fat!
Question: ‘Do I really have to do cardio exercise to lose fat?’ Answer: ‘No!’ There it is. Out loud. One enormous myth totally busted. And, sisters, that’s not a personal opinion, that’s raw fact. Today’s column is about cardio versus resistance trai