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Take your pick from two corner coffee shops offering tasty food and drinks. At the quaint , sip on a dirty chai tea and indulge in a Belgian waffle. If they’re serving tamales, stay for lunch. Just across the street is the , where all of the food is made; Spencer, 3 E. Franklin St., 812-652-5014,

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Wanted Crowning Glory
A swan can symbolize many things—like grace in ancient Greece, when it was considered sacred to Aphrodite, or loyalty in the United Kingdom, where killing one is a crime. Here in Indy, it brands The Cake Bake Shop, where you’ll find this Swan Cake To
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Mike Pence Makes His Next Move
YOU DON'T HAVE MIKE PENCE TO KICK AROUND ANYMORE At some point on or before January 20, Inauguration Day, moving trucks will roll up outside Number One Observatory Circle, a 9,150-square-foot Queen Anne–style house in Northwest Washington, D.C., wher
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Blue Mind Coffee Roasting
317-874-7374, SIGNATURE BLEND: Ethiopian Limu Tega & Tula washed Ask anyone in the coffee business here who’s roasting the best beans, and Blue Mind gets a name-check—quite an achievement for a coffee roasted in a Broad Ripple ba