Indianapolis Monthly

Dead Wrong

“We are not experts.”

That’s a disclaimer buried somewhere on the website of iTunes’s No. 1 true-crime podcast, , whose questionable practices contributing editor Adam Wren investigated hosts are in the middle of a 15-city live-event tour in which, show aft er show, for entertainment purposes, they recount the case of a 6-year-old girl who was kidnapped from her bedroom, murdered, and left by a pile of discarded tires on the outskirts of Tuscon, Arizona. The man authorities believe was responsible is a convicted sex off ender; one shudders to wonder what he might have done to the child before taking her life. Here’s the kicker: In the show, the podcast hosts play a game of whodunit with the audience, listing the litt le girl’s father—whom police cleared long ago—as one of the possible culprits.

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