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Pretty in Pink

to follow, but Baby’s exploded onto Indy’s dining scene like a glitter bomb, aggressively fresh-faced and ballerina-colored in a certifiably artsy pocket of Herron-Morton. Focused on burgers, shakes, and sweet young Millennial families, it took over the 3,500-square-foot shell of Talbott Street Nightclub’s drag stage in August. The space had sat empty since 2016, a ghost of its glammy heyday when Montana Melons, Asia LaBouche, Sage Summers, and the other queens of Talbott Street held court on a tiny spotlit stage. Countless bachelorette parties went off the rails in this very room. Noses were contoured, wigs prepped, drinks spilled, dollars bills tucked. Honey, if these cotton-candy walls could talk.

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