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Almost more fun than tackling the “vaso loco,” a Technicolor cup of fruit and syrup crowned with candy and served with a rim of fiery chile powder, is seeing the friendly staff of CHILE Y LIMÓN craft the eye-popping concoction at the counter. A party atmosphere pervades the place, with booming music and a stream of happy families coming in to indulge in tropical ice creams and a menu of tortas, tacos, and burritos, often stuff ed with flaming Cheetos or crusted with spicy Taki chips. 6250 W. 38th St., 317-430-7474


Opened last year in a former gas station on the east side, 10TH STREET DINER provides the ubiquitous Impossible Burger some stiff competition. Created by the mother-and-son team Karen and Will Holmes, the completely vegan menu includes a savory “chorizo” chimichanga; a reuben made from thinly sliced fennel-and-beet seitan; and crisp sauerkraut in a sauce of vegan Worcestershire, basil, mustard, horseradish, garlic, and ketchup. But the vegetable lasagna with zucchini planks, spinach, and durum wheat noodles is the diner’s specialty. Cashew-based ricott a and hours of simmering tomato sauce make it a time-intensive dish to prepare. Karen only makes 108 servings per week, so get it before it sells out. 3301 E. 10th St., 463-221-1255,


Quick, name two foods you can’t live without. If you said bread and cheese, has a sandwich for you—by you. The watering hole’s build-your-own grilled cheese allows you to choose your bread, one of three condiments, two cheeses, and one veggie for $9.

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