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PUMKINFISH, a Mass Ave gift shop that stocks cat-butt and swear-word coloring books, is what would happen if a foul-mouthed, Golden Girls–loving feminist hijacked one of Silver in the City’s embroidered pillows. Inside a bright blue space that’s halfway between a mom-and-pop boutique and an adult bookstore, shoppers can browse old-school desk placards with snarky sayings, celebrityinspired dog portraits, and sassy baby stuff like a “Best Oops Ever” onesie. Your progressive grandma would feel right at home. 429 Massachusetts Ave., 317-653-1675,


Anyone can pick up a cactus from a big-box garden store. But for a more singular succulent, mother-and-daughter duo Andrea Dunlevy and Leah Flanagan’s , a northside garden boutique, is your best bet. Opened in November 2018 in the old Bash Seed Company building, the shop maintains a lot of the former business’s early–20th century charm. There, you’ll find marimo moss balls (think giant, furry bubble-tea balls) and pileas (akin

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