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Rapper’s Delight


During one episode of local rapper Sean “Oreo” Jones’s music-meets-food You-Tube show, Let’s Do Lunch, Jones accidentally mashed up the words “Cheers” and “Peace” while making a toast. Later that year, the Warsaw, Indiana, native decided to start a homegrown hip-hop festival, and the term he’d coined stuck. “It’s fitting,” Jones says. “The

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Renewed Interest
As Bottleworks debuts this month in the old Coca-Cola building (p. 11), we asked our staffers what crumbling local landmark they would like to see resurrected.
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Pokagon State Park
In a normal year, 90,000 people seek out a joyride on this track near Fort Wayne. Go early. You drove too far to take just one ride. So, hopefully, you came in a truck. The sled can weigh up to 45 pounds, and you carry it a quarter-mile from the end
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Garden Variety
Pancake-flat, slightly crunchy, and sprawling well outside a buttery brioche bun, the mock “chicken” tenderloin at Indy’s oldest craft brewery known for its funkier, healthier fare comes with a side of surprisingly rich vegan mayo. 842 E. 65th St., 3