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610 MAGNOLIA (Fine Dining)

The flagship restaurant of James Beard Award–winning chef Edward Lee, this is the place to splurge on fine dining. Located in a former carriage house in Old Louisville, 610 offers tasting menus that change weekly to showcase local produce (and its own greenhouse’s offerings). 610 W. Magnolia Ave., 502-636-0783,


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After watching the film Argo recently, freelance writer Susan Salaz felt compelled to reacquaint herself with the details of the Iran Hostage Crisis—especially the fate of Hoosier hostage Rick Kupke (p. 16). “Rick talked about being confined indoors
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Cold Brew
at Julian Coffee Roasters, $14/four Julian (Zionsville) ONLINE A traditional cold brew—smooth, rich, full-bodied, and chocolatey— doesn’t get any better than Indy’s OG. When it’s canned, cold brew tastes unique. This one has notes of
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Tapping In
ON A QUIET afternoon in late fall, with a perfect neo-soul playlist vibing beneath the cozy bar sounds, 18th Street Brewery felt like a sweet throwback to a time when such under-the-radar haunts were our warm, safe refuge. It was a good spot to proce