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1. Prepare Yourself Physically

lot of people are surprised to learn how strong your hands need to be in microgravity. The outside of the International Space Station is covered with

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at GoldLeaf Savory & Sweet, $2.25 Basic black tea gets mellowed by an infusion of nitrogen, making this the smoothest, creamiest chilled tea you’ll drink in any season, no sugar or ice required. 1901 E. 46th St. at Foundation Coffee Company, $4.15 Ex
Indianapolis Monthly2 min gelesenCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Straight Up
= A DRINK MADE WITH INDIANA-ROASTED COFFEE at Commissary Barber & Barista, $3 Tinker (Indy) ORDER Commissary rotates beloved local roaster Tinker’s single-origin coffees. This roast is as bold a mix of flavors as you’ll fin
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Looking Good
Ben & Aja Blanc “Aries” mirror. $3,900. Haus Love, 5901 N. College Ave., THE THREAD Lil Boat Boutique is making waves with local illustrator Whitney Bennett’s whimsical designs, and her ship may have come in with a hit series of state-f