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Describe your dream kitchen

I would love an open-plan kitchen with an attached dining space that is big enough to sit my family down comfortably, all set

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Medical History
British doctor Edward Jenner changed the course of medical history – and world history, too – when, on 14 May 1796, he scratched cowpox into the arm of a young boy. The Gloucestershire medic had heard that farmworkers who caught cowpox seemed resista
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Design Details mouldings
The mouldings we see in our period homes are one of the most obvious features that add charm and elegance – providing opportunities to exploit and break up blocks of colour or bring a more intimate feel to an otherwise clinical, or perhaps imposing,
Period Living2 min gelesen
Your Journal
I just wanted to say what a wonderful read the Hope & glory feature was in the March edition. I’m now listening to Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance March No 1; it really does lift the spirits and ignites a feeling of hope. Carol Lambert Having been a su