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Tell us about your current kitchen

It’s pretty much my dream. It has lots of workspace and two ovens, which is really handy because I can do lots of baking

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Making Room
Shortage of space is one of the main factors that compels us to move house – whether we are searching for more room to entertain, somewhere quiet to work from home, or just a space to serve as a peaceful sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of d
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ABOUT YOUR GIFT This delightful Emma Bridgewater Flowers mug set features two half-pint mugs decorated with painterly dahlias and tulips in a rich, vibrant palette. The mugs are presented in a beautifully illustrated gift box. • Save money on the cov
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Before the widespread use of modern gypsum and Portland cement in the 1900s, plasters were generally lime based. These traditional mixes were softer, porous and compatible with historic forms of construction. They also tend to be more flexible and be