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Passing the Baton

AM WALLER, A CLAY ARTIST studying in Japan, was one of the first people to contact the Color Network about mentorship opportunities. He is currently working toward becoming not only the first American but the first Black American MFA candidate in ceramics at Tokyo University of the Arts. When Waller discovered the Color Network – an online platform that aims to build a strong and supportive community for ceramic artists of color – he was excited. “I am feeling, more than ever, the need to connect with others

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To The Editor
Frustration is right! I can’t figure out how to make these rice sheet noodles, and you would think all these tools would help. I loved this story [“Kitchen Heirlooms,” Jun./Jul. 2020] and all the feeling involved when you want comfort foods of your c
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I OF TEN WONDER HOW MY bespoke bassinet came to California from New York, with its unwieldy architecture of tiered lace and elaborate corona of pink ribbons. My mother can’t remember. Neither of us can imagine a box big enough. Yet photographs state
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Nature Boy
JACOB QUETANT, 35, HAS appreciated impeccable finishes from an early age. “My mom’s always been a crafter. She’s a former Imagineer who helped build sets at Disneyland, and today she’s a general contractor focused on home-interior restoration and des