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DIY Hot Cocoa BAR

ay hello to your new party favorite, the hot cocoa bar. Whether you’re hosting a Christmas party or want a warm drink for dessert, it’s easy to pick your favorite cocoa ingredients from this accessible three-tiered stand, designed by blogger Angie Wilson from House Becoming Home. You can “bring it out for

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A New-Build Nest for Two
With two grown children in college, a fun-loving couple sought to leave their comfy home in Atlanta for a new build nestled in Brookhaven, Georgia. Walkability to fun restaurants and quaint shopping was a plus for these empty nesters, who love to tra
American Farmhouse Style2 min gelesen
New Beginnings
New years are always bright, hopeful and filled with new plans. Usually I’m bubbling over in January with home improvement ideas for my own home, but this year looks a little different for me because my husband and I just welcomed a beautiful baby gi
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Home Improvement BUDGET 101
1. RENOVATION SIZE. Before you dive into crunching numbers, consider what rooms you want to include in your renovation. Is it just one space? Are you adding on square footage? Is it interior and exterior? “Most builders will be able to give you a goo