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When we think about the working life of an artist, we tend to emphasize the solitary nature of the practice—the lone painter at work at an easel. But the fact is—for most artists, anyway—there

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Anamorphic Art A Stretched Perspective
Anamorphic art uses a form of perspective that intentionally distorts drawings and paintings so they can be seen correctly from only one specific location. We’re all familiar with the classic perspective example of two railroad tracks meeting at a
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“In some ways I feel the past reverberates in the present,” says celebrated New York artist Harvey Dinnerstein, who at 92 continues a lifelong practice of bearing witness to the political and social forces swirling around him. His new and highly ambi
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What To Paint Next?
Every creative person is in search of a good idea, and there are as many different approaches to meeting that challenge as there are artists in the world. Although we tend to put a lot of weight on the choice of subject, it may be that what you paint