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ARTH’S human population is expected to soar past 8 billion by 2023. So it’s no wonder the leading threat facing the vast majority of imper-dilled plants and animals on the IUCN Red List of threatened species is habitat loss. The number of people has doubled since 1970 while populations of other vertebrates – fish, amphibians, lizards and our mammalian

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Finke River
You’ll need a 4WD with low-range gearing and high clearance. It’s also advisable to travel with more than one vehicle, in case you become bogged or suffer a mechanical breakdown. If travelling solo, be confident in your self-sufficiency and vehicle-r
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On A Wing And A Prayer
THE SMALL WOODEN door slides slowly upwards. Snow pokes out her sleek head, takes two determined and graceful hops forward, then spreads her tawny wings, flashing a brilliant white chest, and with just a few powerful beats, is away. Free. Snow, a whi
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Citizen Science On The Great Barrier Reef
Journey to the outer realms of the Great Barrier Reef with a special citizen science expedition in partnership with GBR Legacy and the Australian Geographic Society. Hosted by Dr Dean Miller, and accompanied by Dr Charlie Veron, you will take a verit