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Ancient but not primitive

UMANS AND fish evolved from a common ancestor. Early humans appeared on the planet just 6 million years ago and modern humans not until

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Making Sense Of Our Loss
AS WELCOME rain pelts down across many parts of southern and eastern Australia, many are left counting the cost of the 2019–20 record-busting bushfire season. And it may not be over yet. But good rains have eased the emergency in many of the worst-af
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AG Expeditions
Join Canon Master photographer Darren Jew and his team for another unforgettable adventure with humpback whales in Tonga’s Vava’u group of islands in 2020. This 12-day tour includes local activities and optional photo sessions with Darren and co-host
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Smooth Sailing
IT’S MIDNIGHT, AND YET, you can see your hand in front of your face as clear as day. You close your eyes, lay your head on your sleeping mat, and listen to the distant sound of cracking ice and, much closer, hundreds of chattering penguins. You’re in