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Ancient but not primitive

UMANS AND fish evolved from a common ancestor. Early humans appeared on the planet just 6 million years ago and modern humans not until

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Advance Australia Fair
ONE OF THE first official tasks tackled by Prime Minister Scott Morrison this year was to change one word in our national anthem: “young and free” became “one and free”. Other prime ministers also made updates. Bob Hawke changed “Australia’s sons” to
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Been Everywhere Man
At precisely 1.05pm on 15 February, after working every day for the previous 2797 days, Bruce Elder finally finished his ambitious Aussie Towns web project. From this he creates AG’s Aussie Towns series (page 128). He began on 20 June 2013, and durin
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North Queensland – Tropical Birding Tour
IMMERSE YOURSELF in the Wet Tropics’ rich bounty of birds on this unique tour. Stretching from Townsville to Cooktown, and encompassing approximately of rainforest interspersed with farmland, rivers, tropical savannah, coastline and coral c