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is a stunningly magnificent country; known for its jagged mountains, steep fjords, scenic beaches, active volcanoes and rolling pastures. This makes it a fantastic place to be surrounded by all things yogic, with the country’s beauty being a playground and an inspiration. Luckily, there are some great retreats hidden away amongst the country’s exquisiteness where yogis can go to reconnect with themselves. If you are planning a yoga getaway in New Zealand, here are our 5 top

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Australian Yoga Journal9 min gelesen
PILATES YOGA: The Perfect Pairing
THROUGH YEARS OF YOGA CLASSES, I’ve gamely moved into Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose) hundreds of times—balancing precariously with one hand on the floor, the other reaching skyward, and one leg shooting back from my hips. I thought I had it maste
Australian Yoga Journal2 min gelesenPsychology
The Truth About Trauma
The Ally Circle is meant to crush assumptions, foster trust, and show that compassion can help us connect across differences. Suzanne explains why it’s part of the training: “Our work with Off the Mat is built on unpacking and taking accountability—f
Australian Yoga Journal3 min gelesen
Top 10 Questions
1. Why should a yoga teacher consider becoming a Pilates instructor? In the same way that many people find yoga teaching a life changing experience, so can the study of Pilates teacher training. Pilates and Yoga are distinctly different and should b