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The Undrafted: What Happened?

ince 2001, there have been 14 players who were rated as top 100 draft prospects by Baseball America who went undrafted during the next four seasons. Injuries played the largest role in explaining why the once top prospects were

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Baseball America
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Planting The Seeds
Baseball America debuted its annual college recruiting rankings in 2000. It presented a top five, led by Arizona State. The rankings have since then undergone changes and expansions, first to a “Dandy Dozen” beginning in 2001 and then to a full top 2
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Five Major Shakeups That Could Be Coming To The Minor Leagues In 2021
Major League Baseball shocked the baseball world last October when its intention to scale back and reorganize the minor leagues was first reported. MLB made clear it did not want to maintain the century-old status quo that allowed individual minor le