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How did you score?

Mostly A: You are a Hedge witch.

Working with herbs and earth magic, hedge witches possess the ability to ‘jump the hedge’ –

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Top Tips For A Perfect Weave
• Brown willow needs soaking for a day before you can weave with it. • Willow can be soaked in a bath, just make sure to weigh it down and ensure it is kept covered. • Once soaked, wrap up in a wet towel. • Brown willow can be kept for around two to
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he key message for June is to keep T talking, even when it feels like there are obstacles – appropriate seeing as this month the sun is in chatty Gemini! The solar eclipse in Gemini means that new ways of reaching out to others will be opening up – i
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Eat your GREENS
The UK watercress season starts in May – and although the term ‘superfood’ has been applied to lots of foods in recent years, this peppery-tasting salad green has been revered since ancient times for its health-giving qualities. When Hippocrates foun