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Is It Bad to Wash Mushrooms?

Years ago, we weighed white mushrooms before and after submerging them in water and found that the fungi soaked up very little mushrooms and then submerging each batch in water for 1 minute. We removed the mushrooms and blotted them dry before weighing them again.

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A Guide To Time Travel
My parents bought the house on Cold Spring Road in 1975, three years before my older sister, Liz, was born. She and I were lucky enough to spend our entire childhoods in that dusky-blue colonial. The house sits on just shy of an acre, but a large por
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Coconut Rice Two Ways
The expression “What grows together goes together” is a cliche, but it’s true: In temperate climates, strawberries go with rhubarb; where it’s cold, preserved fish and rye bread are a dynamic duo; and near the equator, coconut gets cooked with rice.
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Kitchen Notes
Few pasta shapes are more divisive than angel hair. Angel hair (or capellini, the Italian word for “little hairs”) is a rod-shaped pasta approximately the same length as spaghetti but much thinner. It’s this thinness that has inspired vitriol; major