Country Life

Seeking salvation

THE notes I jotted down when viewing this exhibition—enigmatic, joyless, stillness, soulless—seem a very negative response to a fascinating and absorbing show and, from what one learns about Tristram Hillier, stem from the circumstances of his boyhood rather than the individual works.

He was born in Peking, the fourth child of a banker who, on going blind at the age of 30, converted to Catholicism as an alternative to shooting himself. Tristram’s mother, with whom he

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Little Gems
NOT all those with the budget necessary want (or need) to live in a 10,000sq ft house. Something half that size is generous enough to check off all the standard must-haves: enough space for entertaining, a large eat-in kitchen, a boot room, utility r
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Town & Country
A PERFECT storm of Brexit, a pandemic and climate change, combined with a growing focus on local food, sustainable farming and enthusiasm for rewilding, is helping to raise the profile of Britain’s native livestock breeds. The animals’ hardiness and
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Yet Another Blow
THE urban elite have been at it again. From this month, the Treasury is further penalising people who earn their living looking after the land. Back in 1977, the Labour government, in reforming the tax laws, was sensible enough to continue the protec