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Heritage and history has no place in war

ATHENA is not usually moved to comment on matters of international politics, but the recent threat by the President of the United States to target cultural sites in the ongoing crisis in the Middle East is impossible to ignore. Writing on Twitter last week, he

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Oh, The Agony!
Q I’m divorced and my friend’s wife has started pursuing me. She asked to meet for ‘coffee’ and when I told her it was inappropriate, she said it needn’t be if she was no longer married. She calls me incessantly, but I never answer. How can I shake h
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A Glimpse Of The Good Old Days
A CATCHPHRASE of a now long-dead friend and colleague was ‘Ah! We had fun in the old days’, usually deployed at times when we seemed to be having considerable fun in the present. It came to mind a month ago when I found myself enjoying an afternoon t
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Seeing Is Believing
THE wildflower meadow in front of me is a colourful tangle of daisies, poppies, harebells and creeping thistle. A honeybee forages happily among the petals of a greater knapweed and a buff-tailed bumblebee hones in on a plump red clover flower. Looki