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Curators need a proper profile in the Trust

THE National Trust has undertaken an extraordinary journey over the past 125 years. It’s impossible now to quantify accurately the sheer scale of its collections. Among the 200 major houses in its care, there are estimated to be about a million objects, including 55,000 pieces).

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WHO gets remembered? Is history fair? These questions are being asked insistently at present and there has been much heart-searching in response. Among the public bodies that have professed the intention of actively redressing historical wrongs has b
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The Way We Were
A couple dances atop the gate piers at Papillon Hall, Lubenham, Leicestershire. The gaiety of the statues belies the turbulent history of the now-demolished hall: folklore says it was haunted by the ghost of the owner's Spanish mistress, who mysterio
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Route de Versailles, Louveciennes by Pissarro
Ned Denny is a poet. He won last year’s Seamus Heaney Poetry Prize and publishes B (after Dante), his interpretation of The Divine Comedy, in January WYNDHAM LEWIS wrote: ‘Three names, no more, and the work they stand for—Monet, Pissarro, Sisley—are