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Sub-£200 shoe test

The connection between a rider’s feet and the pedals is one of three pivotal contact points – and as per all three junctions between human and machine it’s important that the union is a comfortable one.

Top-end shoes are now a serious investment, with plenty of brands turning out offerings over £300. However, drop down a few rungs on the ladder and for £200 you can get a performance-driven pair packed full of trickle-down features from the premium end.

The most common closure mechanism at this price point is a dial, with the vast majority of brands using technology from third party provider, Boa, though some have created their own version.

Top stock shoes will use a carbon sole. At £200, some brands roll out a carbon composite, whilst others save cash by opting for nylon injected with carbon. This cuts the price and typically bulks up the weight — but can also offer a little flex which some riders might welcome over the rigidity of the more premium versions.

Weight is a factor in decision-making, and it’s influenced by the sole as well as the material of the upper. However, with discrepancies usually little more than 100g, our recommendation would be to prioritise fit over the number on the scales.

When it comes to shoes, a lot of fit fine-tuning comes down to personal preference, though knowing which brands offer

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