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Winning? I’m just trying not to get dropped

’d better introduce myself a bit, as quickly as possible, before we get down to business. I grew up in and around Oxford, I started riding my bike regularly after the 2012 Olympics with the local club Zappi’s Cycling Club, and I started racing shortly after that. Things started to go well, I recently found out that I can time trial fairly fast, and after some ups and downs, I signed for

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Zwift Results
EVENT #39 COURSE TEMP US FUGIT After a long string of third place finishes, CW’s Michael Hutchinson finally seized the top spot at last Wednesday’s Club 10 (7 April). A season’s power PB of 401w saw Dr Hutch clock 20.18, 13 seconds faster than Gavin
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Find The Inner Strength With In The Three Pill Ars Of Self-motivation
Given you are reading Cycling Weekly, it’s fair to assume a few things about you: you’re rarely happier than when riding a bike, your favourite bike-buying equation is n+1, and much of your daydreaming involves sunny days, smooth roads and coffee sto
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Paris-Roubaix Femmes. The race that never was. Twice. We have been left hoping it’s third time lucky after Covid has once again thwarted our best laid plans. I wonder what the weather holds for 2 October? There has been much speculation and discussio