Diabetes Self-Management

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comes with its own agenda, and it can be a process to reintegrate back into a regular work-mode routine as school starts again and order is (somewhat) restored. Like the seasons, activities change, mentalities shift and projects ensue. A well-tuned machine keeps up regardless of the terrain and sharp turns, but our human bodies require more than an infrequent tune-up in order to

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Brief, Frequent Exercise Breaks Can Help Blood Vessels: Study
A main reason exercise is so beneficial for people with diabetes is because they are at higher risk for heart disease and reduced vascular function than people without diabetes. (Vascular function is an indication of blood flow, of the diameter and t
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Cooking Oils
Visit the cooking oil aisle of your local grocery store, and you will find a wide variety of oils from nuts, seeds and vegetables, each with distinct flavors and cooking properties. Some oils can handle the heat when cooking better than others. Smoke
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Don’t Drink Your Calories
Depending on the flavor, a 16-ounce Grande Starbucks Frappuccino averages 300-plus calories, while a glass of wine can contain 100 calories or more. It’s easy to overlook the calories you consume through beverages like these, but if you are making he