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Salty Wings #2 – The Harvest

"WE ACTUALLY got honey and we haven’t lost a hive,” Lockie exclaims, delighting in a successful first harvest. Earth Gardeners met Lockie Kerney and his beekeeping companions, Chris Martin and Ed Sloane, last issue. The three surfers-cum-apiarists, reside on Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula and have amassed an apiary of 20 hives over the past 18 months. With enthusiasm and a few guide books — but no prior experience to their name — the trio navigated their first major harvest and share their trials and tribulations with

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Dear readers, Welcome to the summer issue. As I write this in early November, it feels like we can be confident about positive conditions for the first time all year. Summer sunshine is upon us, Covid lockdowns are behind us (fingers crossed), State
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Easy Cheesy
WHILE there are lots of very intimidating, anxiety-building, cheeses out there Sonny is here to show you some fantastic ‘easy cheesy’ confidence building yet still super tasty varieties. Sonny’s adventures with cheese started as a homeschooling Engli
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Growing Rockmelon
DEPENDING on where you live in Australia you may be more familiar with rockmelons or canteloupe, but regardless of the words, they both belong to the cucurbit (melon) family, of which there are several varieties to grow. Rockmelons grow in the warmer