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I’M INCREASINGLY MINDFUL of how I spend my money – not because it’s scant – but because with three daughters, I want how I spend and invest to have

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CAREER AND CASH ADVICE From Women Who Know Their Stuff
Fact: regardless of the industry you work in, navigating the workforce can be challenging, particularly for women. While the gender pay gap is narrowing, Australian women still earn an average of $25,000 per year less than their male counterparts. Bu
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Rage Against The Machine
when Apple stepped into the banking world last year by releasing a credit card, it made headlines – for all the wrong reasons. Early adopters soon found men were offered a much greater credit limit than women – even if the women were in an identical
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Matte Obsession
Whether you’re looking to add some grit to freshly washed hair that hangs like spaghetti or bring life to third-day waves, a texture spray is your new best friend. These hybrid formulas sit between dry shampoo and light-hold hairspray, and some even