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From the flat, white surface of the canvas, a swimmer’s head emerges, breaking past two dimensional boundaries, eyes closed, face sheathed in water, seeming more real than

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Florida Design5 min gelesenArchitecture
Fresh New Look
ON AN INLET IN FORT LAUDERDALE called the “The Isles,” a new home emerges after a long-awaited project that took more than two years to complete. With nearly 6,000 square feet of living space, the homeowners have found their happy place — giving kudo
Florida Design1 min gelesen
Anna Kincaide
Anna Kincaide’s stylized figurative paintings have found their way into collections nationwide. “My strongest inspirations are fashion and design, so this led to my idea of creating portraits of stylized women disguised by unconventional, floral-insp
Florida Design5 min gelesenArchitecture
Edgy Attitude
BEHIND SOME DOORS, there lies a beautiful home. Behind others, there lies enchantment. Far from another northern home, the new owners of a South Florida renaissance-like, grand palazzo once again looked to interior designer Lori Morris, founder of th