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Barberton Rocks!
“This is the kind of town I live in,” says Sheryn Nader, plonking a stack of books on the table. We’re at The Genesis Restaurant for dinner and pink G&Ts. “I just grabbed a few to show you how much has been written about this place. I have more than
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Know Before You Go
Distance: It’s about 5 km to the Wolfberg Cracks and back (3 – 4 hours). The Wolfberg Arch is another 3,7 km further (7,5 km return). You can walk to the arch and back in a day – set aside at least eight hours. How to get there? Drive north along t
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You’re a geology lecturer on a cruise ship? That’s right. I studied Earth Sciences at Stellenbosch University and graduated in 2011, but I didn’t immediately go into the field. My heart was set on becoming a professional big wave surfer, so I went to