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Know Before You Go
Distance: 10 km there and back. It doesn’t sound like much, but the climbs are steep and there are lots of entertaining technical sections. You need to be fit and adventurous. It takes four to five hours to reach the campsite. How to get there? Los
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Louisette wins a Zartek ZA-497 UV-C LED light, worth R1 000. Shine this sterilizing light across any surface to disinfect it in seconds. The three LED lights, emitting wavelengths of around 270nm, will destroy the DNA in viruses with a germicidal e
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Q HANSJA THERON from Die Wilgers writes: Black-cheeked lovebirds naturally occur in the Zambezi Region of Namibia and in northern Botswana, but now they’ve also made the palm trees in eastern Pretoria their home. They have been spotted among flocks o