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Every thought, emotion and action we take affects our hormone levels. What we’re thinking, what we’re doing, our intention behind why we’re doing it, and how we’re feeling while we’re doing it, all impact how our hormones release into the bloodstream and act on the body. Therefore, in order to understand if our hormones are out of balance, what we need to look into is how our daily lifestyle choices exert an influence, either positive or negative, on our hormones. Simply put, if we’re living a life that nurtures hormonal harmony.

“While good nutrition and appropriate treatments are important ingredients for hormonal balance, without pursuing whole person wellness the improvement may only be short-lived,” explains Wendy Dumaresq, natural fertility management counsellor and founder of Natural Woman Network.

“The reality is, we’re also mind, emotions and soul. If we live in a way that puts these out of harmony, this can disturb our hormone balance as well as our energy levels and happiness,” adds Wendy.

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