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Flavoured salts


hose who can’t resist the alluring scent of Italian black truffles will have a hard time staying away

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Dishes And Destinations
A week spent picking grapes in New South Wales’ verdant wine hub left me in complete awe of the wine region’s flourishing, underrated beauty. Georgie Meredith, writer and editorial coordinator Perfectly pink duck breast is paired with crisp, salty
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You Have Eaten?
What happens when a hive mind of contributors – led by a food journalist and a software developer – join forces? In Nick Jordan and Louis Lepper’s case, tasty things. Have You Eaten is an interactive food map created by the pair, that lists recommend
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You’d be hard pressed to find a more nostalgic coupling than popcorn and caramel. These deliciously sticky slabs combine a honey-sweet caramel with generous nuggets of popcorn and peanuts. It’s the ultimate salty-sweet snack. $11.95 for 125gm, random