Great Walks


IT’S always been my desire to raise resilient, strong daughters – something I daily remind myself – and one thing I wanted to do was take my daughter on a multiday trail. It works both ways, this wanting to raise strong daughters thing and also challenging myself. So here I am, just having returned from the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail – a glorious five-day bushwalk.

This isn’t the first time I have done this walk; I did it at exactly the same time last year, and I remember thinking then that I just might do it annually as a form of personal pilgrimage. The 2017 trip was with two other women and no children – a great trip indeed, and this year was a mothers and daughters trip consisting of me, Hayley, my eldest daughter Harper (10), and our

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My partner Holly jokes that I only wear hiking clothes and footwear no matter where we go. Now that’s a little bit of an exaggeration. I do have a pair of fancy shoes, and a shirt that isn’t specifically designed for wicking but she’s right that comf
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EVERY summer, my son and I plan a walking trip in Tasmania. This year was our most ambitious plan to date – the Western Arthurs traverse. Chris has done less bushwalking in recent years mostly due to memories of heavy packs when he was a guide. I am