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“I knew a beekeeper with 70 years of experience. He used an old slow cooker to melt his wax. He set it low and just let it do it’s work. When it all melted, he would just turn the slow cooker off and let it cool on its own. As it cooled, it would contract and draw away from the sides of the pot and would just fall out. He said that most of the trash and such would float after it melted and he would

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GRIT Country Skills Series4 min gelesen
Build a Weatherproof, Pest-Proof Chicken Feeder
Whether you have a large laying flock or just a few backyard hens, keeping them fed is a regular chore (never mind the expense), especially if the feeder isn’t weatherproof and allows rodents and wild birds access. One way to keep the feed safe from
GRIT Country Skills Series9 min gelesen
Caring For Your New Chickens
It’s that time of year again. The sun is shining, the daffodils are blooming, and there is a distinct peeping noise at every farm store across the country. It’s time for chicks. If you’ve been wooed by those little fluffy yellow balls of cuteness you
GRIT Country Skills Series3 min gelesenAgriculture
Why Raise Heritage Livestock?
Heritage breed animals are important elements of our farming history, and helpful additions to any small farm. Heritage breeds diversify a farm and the gene pool of their species, and often will add a colorful splash to your barnyard. In the poultry