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Get your grains


Serves: 2 as a main or 4 as a side

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Fit Buzz
When you’re putting in the miles, you need clothing that will keep you feeling comfy, dry and chafe-free every step of the way. Enter New Balance’s Q Speed Fuel Collection, with every piece designed to give you total confidence. We love this sleek Q
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Why Try Freerunning?
• ‘I find freerunning to be very empowering. I’m a naturally introverted person but Parkour has really helped build my confidence. It’s also very liberating because there are so few rules.’ • ‘It’s satisfying to find challenges and work on them – som
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Track Your Fitness
A smart watch is a great way to monitor all aspects of keeping fit, from how many steps you take each day, to your resting heart rate (the lower, the better) and how much faster you’re running a 5K. We love the new Suunto 3 (£199; suunto.com), which