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Me First, All Else Second

Why should women still feel guilty – even in this day and age of #metoo and gender equality – about

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It All Starts With A Link
High-achieving women need to work smarter, not harder. Introducingournew Her World LinkedIn community, a super digital shortcut that helps you make headway in your career. This new social media hub understands that the empowered woman wants meaningfu
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Your Beauty Survival Guide
Instead of buying separate products, go for multi-duty, multi-fix products that target more than one concern or deliver a variety of results. In place of regular hair repair treatments, this product helps nourish the scalp and leaves hair hydrated so
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Looking Bright-eyed
Prive Skinworks’ Indulgent Eye Mask contains vitamin E to nourish skin, helping to firm and lift the eye area. To improve results, remember to apply an eye cream after. It helps to lock in moisture, and seal in the mask’s nourishing ingredients. To b