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A change in your system can create a musical epiphany. Ken Kessler says it can happen daily

One of the primary qualities of the greatest, most evocative or poignant literature (works such as Proust’s ), is how they transcend time to communicate with readers decades or even centuries later. For example, a 1940s Raymond Chandler novel might mystify a Millennial because Philip Marlowe doesn’t have a mobile phone, isn’t a vegan and calls women ‘dames’, but the story and the calibre of the telling defy societal changes. More

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Alternate Format Discography
Given that this has always been an under-performing and under-appreciated album, it’s no surprise that there are only 41 known iterations listed, of which 19 appeared within two years of its appearance while the release dates of a further 14 are not
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Sawmills Studio
Leaving the main stream, they passed into what seemed at first sight like a little land-locked lake. Green turf sloped down to either edge, brown snaky tree-roots gleamed below the surface, while ahead of them the silvery shoulder and foamy tumble of
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