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BLUNT LEGAL TALK: THE GREAT NORTH What Canada’s Legalization Means for US

Canada’s Senate has voted to legalize adult use of cannabis and start what’s expected to be a multi-billion dollar market for the country’s roughly 36 million people. California, which passed a similar law in January 2018, has 38 million, but hey, still pretty impressive. Until now, only Uruguay had legalized pot nationwide, in 2013 (although about 30 countries have officially approved medical marijuana). So this is a very big deal.

Although it has

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Hot off the Presses: Media Champions
The business of information has never been so crucial as in the world of cannabis. Where major media moguls once conspired to take the plant down (we’re looking at you, William Randolph Hearst!), in the twenty-first century new voices have emerged, r
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Championing Medical Marijuana
Elizabeth Cramer Ernst is the founder of Hamptons Medi-Spa and one of the most notable medical cannabis practitioners on the East Coast. Hamptons Medi-Spa is a telemedicine site and service which grew out of Elizabeth’s passion helping her patients o