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SEX (ISM) doesn’t SELL
Agency: Ogilvy When we saw this original 1970s advertisement for Mr. Leggs pants, our blood boiled a little. Who knew so many symbols of hyper-masculinity and downright degradation could fit in the one image? It’s scary stuff. In today’s advertising
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Because Of Her
“I became aware of #MeToo founder Tarana Burke at the same time as the rest of the world–when actress Alyssa Milano used that simple phrase and it exploded on social media in October 2017. What those two words did was remove shame around sexual viole
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Yvonne Strahovski
My mum Boźena is the original feminist. She’s from Poland, where there’s an old-school mentality that women belong in the kitchen. Mum never bought into that. She did her own thing and worked as a lab technician. My parents emigrated from Poland to A