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son couldn’t honor his father more meaningfully. On Aug. 8, 2019, passengers at Dallas Love Field airport pressed against the terminal windows to witness the arrival of the repatriated remains of U.S. Air Force Col. Roy A. Knight Jr., who was shot down over Laos on May 19, 1967. Making the occasion all the more poignant was the fact that Knight’s son, Southwest Airlines Capt. Bryan Knight—who was just 5 when he last saw his father, leaving for war from the same airport 52

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A Bet Lost, The Battle Won
The morning sky was gray on Saturday, March 24, 1945, when paratroopers of the U.S. 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment’s 1st Battalion started gearing up. The Allied airfield in France, designated A-40, was packed with rows of twin-engine C-47 cargo p
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Hallowed Ground Paoli Battlefield, Pennsylvania
In late summer 1777 Gen. Sir William Howe, commander in chief of the British army in North America, sailed from New York City with 15,000 troops in a bid to capture Philadelphia. Moving up the Chesapeake Bay, his fleet landed on August 25 at Head of
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Your article “Death Before Dishonor” [by Jon Guttman, January 2020] was very good. I was surprised you didn’t mention SS John Burke, a Liberty ship hit by a kamikaze on Dec. 28, 1944. An ammo ship, it was obliterated when struck. My father, Lt. Thoma