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5 stocks for the future

The new Top Stocks, now in its 26th annual edition, comes at a time when stockmarkets around the world are volatile and spooked by economic uncertainty, trade wars, Brexit and political instability. Yet 25 new companies have made it into the book, including 18 that have never appeared in any previous edition. This is the second-highest number of new entries.

These new stocks are often smaller to medium-sized corporations. Some will be unfamiliar to investors, but all meet the stringent Top Stocks criteria, including solid profits and moderate debt levels.

Guiding investors towards value stocks has been one of the paramount aims from the first edition. One of the rationales for the book has always been to highlight the truth that Australia boasts many excellent companies that enjoy high profits – and growing profits – regardless of the direction of the markets. Despite the title, Top Stocks is actually a book about companies.

The 18 new companies that have not appeared in any previous edition are: Alumina, APN Property

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