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Sunday, January 10
IT WAS A TYPICAL SUNDAY morning at our church—except for one thing: two spaces down sat a man I hadn’t seen in a long time. It’s not that he hadn’t wanted to worship with our church family, but he’d been incarcerated for seven years. This was his fir
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Wednesday, January 13
THERE ARE MANY ASPECTS OF technology that I enjoy: my laptop, smartphone, and DVR and the ability to stream music and FaceTime loved ones. But in some ways I’m old school. I have friends who have almost completely replaced paper with apps, calendars,
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Sunday, February 28
TOMMY IS MY LONG-HAIRED MARMALADE cat. He just showed up one day years ago and elected to stay. I was determined not to feed him, lest we end up with yet another cat. But after a month of his curling around my feet and sleeping on the porch, I realiz