Mornings with Jesus


OUR SON, DAUGHTER-IN-LAW, TWO GRANDCHILDREN, and their dog all moved in with us this week. We’re thrilled to have this “close-up” time with them for a year

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Mornings with Jesus2 min gelesen
Thursday, October 29
SOME WOMEN AT CHURCH WERE talking to a young newlywed couple and reminiscing about when they were first married. “We were so broke! We ate a lot of peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches and rarely ate out. We learned to rely on Jesus,” one lady said. An
Mornings with Jesus2 min gelesen
Thursday, September 10
MY SON AND HIS FAMILY are living with us as he finishes seminary. We’ve been blessed by seeing them each day, but two households under one roof is a challenge. One Saturday they were longing for time to themselves. So my husband and I decided to stay
Mornings with Jesus1 min gelesen
Friday, September 25
A WOMAN FROM MY COMMUNITY is undergoing a serious health crisis. She fell for no apparent reason three times in a couple of months. The last fall broke her right wrist. As her wrist mended, her right hand turned limp and useless. Pain and swelling se