New American Paintings


Rebecca Ness

Juror’s Pick p118

arts of Rebecca Ness’s paintings are familiar—the clasped hands, parted hair, printed blanket, crisp jacket—but Ness fuses these

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Editor’s Note
As I am writing these words, we are still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, and parts of the United States are, unfortunately, heading in the wrong direction. Over the past several months, our lives have changed in ways that we could scarcely h
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Juror’s Selections
The following section is presented in alphabetical order. Biographical information has been edited. Prices for available work may be found on p196. ■
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Alexandra Noel
Los Angeles, CA Alexandra Noel’s small-scale paintings and sculptures deal with issues of representation, agency, age, scale, and our relationship with digital media and screen time. Her work concerns the tension between flatness and depth in a psych