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‘This is a game changer’

octors hope that new medicines that will reduce the risk of heart disease and death for the 200,000 people in New Zealand with type 2 diabetes will be taxpayer funded this year. Heart disease is the main cause of death for people with diabetes. Their incidence of

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Stink Eye
It would be a foolish person who agreed to a game of poker with Nanaia Mahuta. She may be the first foreign affairs minister to intuitively get the old David Frost definition of diplomacy: the art of letting someone else have your way. Such a consumm
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Air pollution caused by wildfires has been linked to flare-ups in the skin allergy eczema and other itching conditions. Californian researchers found a correlation between periods of peak fire-related pollution and spikes in weekly dermatology clinic
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Apple Turnover
The pandemic hasn’t been kind to our bodies. Studies drawing on data taken from the various gadgets we use to track our daily step counts show we were less active during lockdown periods and put on weight. With gyms closed and exercise routines disru