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ike many cooks, I’ve always bought the freshest fish I could but, over the past two years, I have noticed a trend among leading chefs to age their fish. The first cook to bring this to my attention was Makoto Tokuyama, chef/owner of the much-lauded Cocoro, a Japanese restaurant in Ponsonby, Auckland. Makoto-san is a master of fish preparation and cookery, buying whole fish and ageing it from a few days to a

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Health Briefs
A link between paternal drinking before conception and birth defects has been found in Chinese research. Having collected data from more than 500,000 couples planning a pregnancy within six months, including the soon-to-be father’s drinking habits an
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Puzzle No 1596 7. What holder is a coquetier in France, huevera in Spain, and Eierbecher in Germany? (6) 8. What is a long, angry speech of criticism or accusation? (6) 10. Which jump jet fighter-bomber came into British military service in 1969? (7)
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Mum and Mary
In the dream my motheris chatting with her friend, Mary, mother of Jesus – Mum andMary sharing a joint. Mary tends to go onabout the cost of living, of everything ‘going up’;husband, Joseph, coming in latelysmelling of incense. All my mother’s friend