New Zealand Listener


QUIZWORD by Alan Shuker

Puzzle No 1552

Clues across

1/4. Which actor holds the record for the most Academy Award nominations? (5,6)

9. About one in 10 ships flies the flag of what country? (7)

10. Which Nintendo character wears an “M” on his hat? (5)

11. What international organisation was created in 1949 for collective security? (4)

12. Who was the last King of Italy? (7)

13. Which 1901 Rudyard Kipling novel chronicles the adventures of an orphan in India? (3)

14. At over 4000km, what is the longest river whose catchment is entirely within Russia? (4)

16. In which city can you see the Monastery of San Francisco? (4)

18. What code is on your luggage if you are landing at Indira Gandhi International Airport? (1,1,1)

20/21. Where near Dunedin is a royal albatross colony? (7,4)

24. Which Lord presents? (5)

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