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Reserve Bank governor Adrian Orr says the LVRs have been successful in reducing the more excessive household mortgage lending and improving the resilience of banks. Yet fears of

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Moving Along
It was all over quickly in the end. After what had started to feel like an interminable election campaign, one where even political enthusiasts were experiencing fatigue, on election night the result became obvious, fast. The polls had consistently s
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The Process
• Locate a site • Look at feasibility of potential number of lots and design of dwellings within zoning • Feasibility report on costs to take to your lender or mortgage broker • Once finance is secured: concept design • Apply for resource consent • E
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Bargain Hunting
There’s no denying it. New Zealand’s housing market is booming, with the latest data showing sales activity running red hot and regions around the country hitting record prices. Anecodotally, FOMO (fear of missing out) is, once again, at play and buy